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Given a structure like:

<div class="Stargate" id="MGM"> 
   <div class="SG1">
   <div id="Atlantis">

What will be SG1's and Atlantis' parent Stargate or MGM?

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There's no difference, both Stargate and MGM is on the same parent div. But you'll find MGM to be the "better" or "stronger" of the two ways of identifying that div.

With "better/stronger" I mean that the id will have implications in CSS/javascript, for example, in CSS the id is stronger.

#MGM .SG1 {
    /* very strong selector */

.Stargate .SG1 {
    /* not so strong selector */

In javascript you have

var parentDiv = document.getElementById('MGM');

where the document.getElementById is widely supported whilst the corresponding document.getElementsByClassName is a relatively new addition to modern browsers.

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That's what I thought! Thanks for the quick response. –  Snow_Mac Jul 17 '11 at 6:56
No worries. I'll just thought of clarifying further. I'll make an edit. –  Martin Algesten Jul 17 '11 at 6:59

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