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how to get MAC address from Windows-mobile using C# code ?

thank in advance

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please go through below pasted links hope this will help you to find the mac address of the device

MAC address in Compact Framework

How to Get MAC address programatically in c# for a windows mobile 6.0 device

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      [DllImport("iphlpapi.dll", SetLastError = true)]
  public static extern int GetAdaptersInfo(byte[] info, ref uint size);

  /// <summary>
  /// Gets the Mac Address
  /// </summary>
  /// <returns>the mac address or ""</returns>
  public static unsafe string GetMacAddress()
     uint num = 0u;
     GetAdaptersInfo(null, ref num);
     byte[] array = new byte[(int)((UIntPtr)num)];
     int adaptersInfo = GetAdaptersInfo(array, ref num);
     if (adaptersInfo == 0)
        string macAddress = "";
        int macLength = BitConverter.ToInt32(array, 400);
        macAddress = BitConverter.ToString(array, 404, macLength);
        macAddress = macAddress.Replace("-", ":");

        return macAddress;
        return "";
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