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this subject is similar to another i wrote BUT is different . strange things happen to me lately with cocos,things are just deleted .

i have a NSString value in cocos2d class, that is not nil inside animation function. but when animation is done ,and she calls another function, it becomes null in that function.

    // animation loops .....
    CCAnimate *Action = [CCAnimate actionWithAnimation:dollAnimation];
    //calling finish animation here :
    id call=[CCCallFunc actionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(finishAnimation)]; 
    id sequence=[CCSequence actions:Action,[CCHide action],call,nil];
    [dollSprite runAction:sequence];
    basic_pic=[rowInDataBase objectAtIndex:1] ;
    // here basic_pic has a good value!

//when animation is done(3sec) it calls this :  
       NSLog(@"%@",basic_pic);    // null ! ! !
       NSLog(@"%@",rowInDataBase);    // null ! ! !


how is that happen ??? basic_pic is NSString with no properties now. i have to say that basic_pic gets his value frin array one function before animation, and when animation is being called,it still there,but next call to finish function,its gone!

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Did you retain your basic_pic and rowInDataBase? If not, they were likely auto-released objects which got released when the current UIKit event completed.

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with property ? how exactly ? i have discover somthing else now ! when i do NSLog(@"%@",basic_pic); in the finishAnimation function, i get the value! BUT when i do NSLog(@"%s",basic_pic); i get garbage . and when i do : b_pic=[CCSprite spriteWithFile:basic_pic]; its crashes even if it has a value. whats happen here ? –  Curnelious Jul 17 '11 at 8:53
anyone ????? i think there is some kind of a HUGE bug in this cocos !! i am loosing it ! what is that ?????? i can see there is a value in the string , and when i do b_pic=[CCSprite spriteWithFile:basic_pic]; its crashes !! it has to do with the fact that same sprite was there before and i removed it with : [b_pic.parent removeChild:b_pic cleanup:YES]; ???? i can see that sometimes even if i do b_pic=[CCSprite spriteWithFile:@"regular.png"]; its crashes also! what the f** ?!?! –  Curnelious Jul 17 '11 at 12:52
What is the value of basic_pic? –  ScottPetit Jul 17 '11 at 13:37


When you want to replace sprites pictures in cocos2d, you better do it like that :

CCTexture2D *texmex = [[CCTexture2D alloc] initWithImage:[UIImage imageNamed:basic_pic]];
    [b_pic setTexture: texmex];
    [texmex release];

and not like that :

b_pic=[CCSprite spriteWithFile:basic_pic];
    [self addChild:b_pic];

because it then crashes because of a memory leaks. thats worked for me ,and according to cocos documantation, thats how you do that .

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