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I have List<Product> products in my backEnd Bean which contains about 70 items.

I need to show it as 3 X 4 table with option to navigate between pages "next", "Previous" and option to click on page number.

How can it be done? I have no problem to use Datagrid, but how to combine it with paging?

Update: I did the following:

        <rich:dataGrid value="#{productBean.products}" var="product" columns="4" id="productsList">
      <h:outputText value="#{product.sku}"/>
<f:facet name="footer">       
<rich:dataScroller for="productsList" maxPages="10"/>

but my problem is that now I have a table with 4 columns and 18 rows. how Can change it to 3 rows per page?

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Put the <rich:dataScroller> in any of the <f:facet> of the <rich:dataGrid> .

For example:

    <f:facet name="footer">

Then , the paging control is at the bottom of the data grid.

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I solved the problem, thank you so much :) –  danny.lesnik Jul 17 '11 at 14:43

Note that the real tag looks like this:

<rich:dataScroller />

(Big S, if someone copy paste the previous example will get error!)

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Next time better improve the answer instead of posting another answer which basically answers the same. –  BalusC Jan 13 at 12:34
Sorry i just thought that i haven't enough reputation to do that –  Kovács Ede Jan 15 at 8:43

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