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are there constant strings for names of build in filters(CIColorControls, CIBloom, etc.) in Mac OS X?

There are constant strings like kCIInputEVKey, which you can use to avoid string literals like @"inputEV", but i can't find something similar for names of filters.

thx in advance! Yevgeniy.

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As you’ve probably found out already, there aren’t.

While I see that filters can be provided at runtime, so in order to get the full picture you have to query the list of available filters at runtime, I can only guess why there isn’t a canonical set of filters that are guaranteed to exist — after all, that’s what introducing such constants boils down to.

Most (if not all) filters that were introduced in 10.4 are still around, so it’s not too unsafe a bet to rely on them sticking around. That said, you should probably always account for a failed lookup…

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It's hidden away, but there is a list of names of filters, and what they do:

Core Image Filter Keys - Apple Documentation

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