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I've seen a couple of questions on the topic but I didn't get a full answer...

My code is basically:

from multiprocessing import Process

p = Process(target=f).start()

def f():
  print 'break!'

And I want to put a breakpoint on the print. I'm using pydev+eclipse (on Ubuntu).

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Because the new process itself is not controlled by PyDev, you need to make PyDev debugger manually aware of through Remote Debugging facilities.


Use pydevd.set_trace() - notice that your breakpoints won't work (not sure if this has changed recent PyDev versions), but you need to manually enter set_trace() command to your code.

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it's settrace() and not set_trace() and I had to set the port manually (i.e., pydevd.settrace(port=xx)). Other than that, it works great, thanks! –  Guy Jul 21 '11 at 9:51

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