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What GUI Administration / Management tools are there for an SVN repository on Windows?

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What kind of administration did you want to do? –  Richard Slater Mar 23 '09 at 7:17

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Look at visualsvn:

VisualSVN Server is a package that contains everything you need to install, configure and manage Subversion server for your team on Windows platform. It includes Subversion, Apache and a management console.

User-friendly Management Console

  • Create, import and remove repositories
  • Create and delete folders in repository
  • Dashboard showing overview status of Subversion server
  • Manage Subversion security policy
  • Start, stop and restart service
  • Repository browser
  • Manage users and groups
  • Edit Subversion hooks
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VisualSVN doesn't support svn:// protocol –  Hikari Apr 13 '13 at 0:07
Have used it for years and its great! –  Patrick Wolf Nov 18 '14 at 3:16

I recommend you look at Subversion Edge.

Subversion Edge is a distribution of the latest versions of Apache Subversion, httpd and ViewVC all tested and designed to work together. It also includes an easy to use web console for configuring and managing the server. It is very easy to install and get running and includes a built-in updater that lets you install updates remotely via your web browser. So you are always up to date with the latest security fixes and do not have to worry about the components not working together.

Subversion Edge is free and open-source.

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The server is Apache Subversion, so yes you can implement hook scripts to add logic to the pre or post commit process. SVN Edge even provides a web UI for uploading or editing the hook files if needed. –  Mark Phippard Jul 28 at 12:58

Do you want to admin a remote repository (whether it be a linux or windows box), or a local repository?

Personally I haven't come across any decent utility, so I use an AutoIT script that uses PuTTY's plink.exe to interface with svnadmin on my linux server.

EDIT: fairly lame code, but it serves my purposes. Assumes that you have a "conf/shared" directory in your $svndir, which will be shared by the repositories created by this script. Scripted with AutoIt

$plink_bin = "C:\path\to\plink.exe"
$svndir = "/subversion"
$sshuser = "username"
$hostname = ""

$proj = InputBox("Enter project name", "Please enter a subversion project name", "")

if ($proj = "") Then

$arg =        "cd " & $svndir & ";"
$arg = $arg & "svnadmin create " & $proj & ";"
$arg = $arg & "rm -fr " & $proj & "/conf;"
$arg = $arg & "ln -s ../conf/shared " & $proj & "/conf"

$command = $plink_bin & " " & $sshuser & "@" & $hostname & " " & $arg
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looking to admin a remote repository. A good GUI for local should also be fine –  maruti Mar 23 '09 at 7:14
The tools I've seen either require setting up server-side web-managed stuff, or control svnadmin through telnet or ssh. Which level of control do you need? Creating repositories isn't too bad. –  snemarch Mar 23 '09 at 7:24
looking to do user management –  maruti Mar 23 '09 at 7:29
OK, then you'll probably want to go for one of the webserver-based solutions - don't have experience with that, sorry :) –  snemarch Mar 23 '09 at 7:34

There's also my own program called PainlessSVN. It only works with repositories setup to be served with svnserve.exe It can work with Subversion servers in your LAN. I'm currently working on version 1.1, which is almost a complete rewrite. Check the blog to see what the new stuff is.

If you want to work with an existing Subversion server, then my program will work for you. If you want to start from scratch, then VisualSVN Server is pretty good.

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uberSVN makes Subversion admin easy, and is available for Windows, Mac and various Linux flavours:

Free, easy to implement UI for Subversion which includes:

  • Everything you need to setup a Subversion server, including the latest version of Subversion and Apache.
  • Toggle feature lets you deploy with 1.7.5 or 1.6.18 and upgrade or downgrade anytime.
  • A very quick and easy setup wizard.
  • A social coding environment.
  • Easy to use administration console.
  • Advanced LDAP functionality.
  • Support for offline installations.
  • Support for those that need to access the internet via a different machine (proxy).
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uberSVN is not available anymore –  Patrick Wolf Nov 18 '14 at 3:16

svn-access-manager seems to be a great open-source web administration GUI for SVN too (and currently active ...).

Try also USVN.

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found this tool :

This is a beta release of Sublime. It is free to use without restriction until it expires on September 1st, 2009. Pricing will be announced when Sublime 1.0 is released later this year.

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