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I'm writing a map reduce implementation using erlang.

In order to get notified that the mapping has fully finished (all data has been processed), I'm creating a link between the workers that performs the actual mapping and the "manager process" which will trap the EXIT signals from the workers, and sees if the reason is normal. If so, it will consider the job was properly run. If not, based on the Pid, it will determine the job that has failed and spawns another worker for that job (I will keep a book of Pids of the workers). Once EXIT signals with Reason=normal from all Pid has been received, the mapping is fully done.

My question is, 1) is this safe? and 2) is this a good practice?
Btw the jobs are idempotent.

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Yes this approach sounds good so far.

But you shouldn't implement it itself but instead use a supervisor.

The simple_one_for_one type of supervisor implements almost exactly the same behavour that you described.

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