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I can write the code like this:

str match {
    case s if s.startsWith("!!!") => s.stripPrefix("!!!")
    case _ =>

But I want to know is there any better solutions. For example:

str match {
    case "!!!" + rest => rest
    case _ =>
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val r = """^!!!(.*)""".r
val r(suffix) = "!!!rest of string"

So suffix will be populated with rest of string, or a scala.MatchError gets thrown.

A different variant would be:

val r = """^(!!!){0,1}(.*)""".r
val r(prefix,suffix) = ...

And prefix will either match the !!! or be null. e.g.

(prefix, suffix) match {
   case(null, s) => "No prefix"
   case _ => "Prefix"

The above is a little more complex than you might need, but it's worth looking at the power of Scala's regexp integration.

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If it's the sort of thing you do often, it's probably worth creating an extractor

object BangBangBangString{ 
   def unapply(str:String):Option[String]= {
       str match {
          case s if s.startsWith("!!!") => Some(s.stripPrefix("!!!"))
          case _ => None

Then you can use the extractor as follows

str match{
   case BangBangBangString(rest) => println(rest)
   case _ => println("Doesn't start with !!!")

or even

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instead of making a single user extractor, you could make a class like Prefix extractor with the first parameter of the startsWith argument and then use it like: val BandBangBangString = new PrefixExtractor("!!!") –  Chad Nov 14 at 22:43

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