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I am trying to write a mouse driver, on RedHat 6 linux, using the Xf86 API (X Input Driver). When I try to link the following code, I get an error stating:

undefined reference to `xf86AddInputDriver`

I don't know which library provides the function. Do any of you know? Is there a library that I need? I'm not sure if I have all the libraries or whether I have to build them. If I have to build them, what do I build them from the x.org source code?

static pointer XMouseDriver_plugin (pointer module,
                                    pointer aOptions,
                                    int * aErrMajPtr,
                                    int  * aErrMinPtr)

    return (module);
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A Xorg input driver is a dynamic library that gets loaded by the Xorg server. The xf86AddInputDriver function is defined inside the Xorg server. Get the Xorg source code and check hw/xfree86/common/xf86Helper.c:


If you want to learn how to write an X server driver, there's a document called DESIGN:


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