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normally we could specify data-theme = "a" or b or c, etc at any div. however as "Back" button is auto generated by jQuery mobile, how to specify its theme?

Thanks, -wan

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Try advices from stackoverflow.com/questions/4666491/… –  Londeren Jul 17 '11 at 16:32
Thanks Londeren for your comment, I appreciate that.. –  iwan Jul 18 '11 at 0:50

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The button style can be changed using the following:

$.mobile.page.prototype.options.backBtnTheme = "b";

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just found out that we could simply put data-theme at header div however it did not fully work -- (change back to blue always) if you click back button once -- and go back to the same page..

it is an existing bug and the workaround is by removeClass below --- and bind it at pagebeforehide.


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