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I have a more generic question, so I'm hoping someone here has some info on my dilemma. I'm thinking about creating a .NET jQuery Poll:

One question with a few choices. Once the user chooses an option, the results will show a calculated projection of all choices that have already been chosen. I would also like the user to be able to share their results (and possibly what they chose) via Facebook and Twitter and drive people to the page so that they can make a choice too.

I've done some Googling, but nothing comes up with the ability to post/share via social networks. Does anyone know of a jQuery plugin that already exists, or possibly a website that already does this? Trying to figure out the best method of combining jQuery, .NET, and FB/Twitter sharing.

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A little bit of tweaking and this example helped achieve the above. In case any one comes across this and needs a solution, here ya go: I haven't gotten it to share yet, but it's a start:

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