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Is there any tool for SQLite that allows data entry with foreign key lookup?

When writing code I often need to type in a few sample records into a table. But this is a real pain when you have to enter raw id values instead of being able to make quick drop down selections.

For example if you have a classic "product" table could have foreign keys for size, color, and 10 other attributes. I want to be able to start typing in a row to the product table and when the "size" column is selected I can choose from small medium or large instead of an integer.

I know SQLite requires a newer version for FK support, but this question assumes the support is there and is about a tool that uses FKs for quick/easy data entry.

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Navicat has this functionality.

After trying many (all?) SQLite management tools I can tell you this is a rare feature. So Navicat costs a bit of money but if you want helper functionality to make it easy to enter foreign key values this might be the only game in town as of this date.

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+1 navicat is great –  Angavar Jun 14 '13 at 4:57

SQLiteStudio has this functionality. It's free (donations accepted) and actively developed.

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Cool Todd good find - definitely going to give it a shot. –  Lee Whitney Jan 2 '12 at 15:38

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