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I have a datagrid which displays details for a product. For a particular product i need to display its Id current status(Available/ Not) and which category it belongs to. The category part is a bit different from what it seems to be like.

Product A can belong to Category A, B and C while product B belongs A ,c and D and so on. Structure of this table would be something like

enter image description here

The category columns are retrieved from database and passed as parameter to construct the columns dynamically in Datagrid.

I have defined the following Datastructure on UI to handle this.

var productId:String;
var productName:String;
var status:String;
var categoryList:ArrayCollection;

I am not sure if this will be able to solve my problem. I think I will need to have a Map containing category Names and if it is applicable for that product.

Any pointers on how to get this datagrid rendered would be very helpful.

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In general case to solve your problem, you gonna need to create another Datastructure:

 var id:Number;
 var name:String;

After that you will need to extend DataGridColumn. Add “category” property to it. Generating columns will be like this:

for each(var category:Categoty in categories){
 var column:CategoryDataGridColumn = new CategoryDataGridColumn();
 column.category = category;
 column.itemRenderer = CategoryItemRenderer;

CategoryItemRenderer will extend basic DataGrid Item Renderer. Will have something like this:

override protected function commitProperties():void
  _dataChanged = false;
  text = getText();

private function getText():String
 var result:String = “Not Belongs”
 var columnCategory:Category = CategoryDataGridColumn(listData.owner.columns[listData.columnIndex]).category;
 for each(var category:Category in Product(data).categoriesList)
  if( ==
   result = “Belongs”;
 return result;
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Thanks grass, I got this one to work :) – Arun Jul 19 '11 at 9:59

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