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I installed Python a while ago from the official python-2.5.4.msi, but I can't remember what else I might have done. On my disk, I have C:\Program Files\Python 2.5.4 and I also have C:\Python25. These directory contents look almost identical. The Program Files folder contains about 39 MB, the Python25 folder contains about 25 MB. Where did these come from?

In my start menu I have a Python 2.5 folder with a IDLE (Python GUI) shortcut and a few other things.

These two disk locations are really confusing me. I'm trying to install modules and it's getting messed up. When I ran ez_setup.py to install easy_install, it went into the Python25 directory, but Python seems to be searching for modules in the Program Files location. Or some awful mess like that. What did I do wrong?

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Orginally, python 2.5 installed itself in C:/ and not C:/Program Files, but in the latest .msi this might have changed. Nevertheless, the best way is to uninstall all python installations, delete both the folders C:\Program Files\Python 2.5.4 (unless you have data in them) and again install the python interpreter and other 3rd party python packages you use. It is not good to have 2 installations of the same versions of the python interpreter at different locations. –  Guanidene Jul 17 '11 at 19:17

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It sounds like you might have installed python twice, each time using a different installation directory. You might want to consider uninstalling the two existing copies and installing a new copy.

Also...The following document should help you to understand how and where python installs and locates modules: Installing Python Modules

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Do you have any other application using Python? It's also possible that applications install python for themself. An example could be a game, which uses Python for the AI. As far as i know, Panda3d installs its "own" Python...

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