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I'm using the Infragistics Windows Ultragrid, version 7.3. I'm trying to use an UltraDataSource along with the LoadOnDemand mode. I have three bands defined: root, child and grandchild.

When I click on the first row, it requests the data for the child band but also requests the grandchildren rows under the first child.

Why does it happen?

I believed those items shouldn't be requested unless I click on the child band.

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More info on this issue. I have spotted the ultraDataSource's InitializeRowsCollection event is raised when I'm setting up the rows number for the root band, i.e.


In this point I haven't added yet the actual rows to the root band. Why is it requesting the items for the child band?

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If I set up the bands and the data for the root band before everything, then the InitializeRowsCollection event is not raised until I do ultraGrid1.DataSource = ultraDataSource1;

But once again it is raised for the Child and GrandChild Band.

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We have workarounded this by using the ultragrid's InitializeRowsCollection event rather than the UltraDataSource's. This event is fired when expected.


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