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I'm trying to receive some data in my BroadcastReceiver which is called by a ListActivity. It is called, I've tested it, but getExtras always returns NULL.

This is the interesting part of my ListActivity:

public boolean onContextItemSelected(MenuItem item) {
    Intent distIntent = new Intent();
    distIntent.putExtra("fileName", new File("Test").getName());

This is the corresponding part of my BroadcastReceiver:

public void onReceive(Context c, Intent intent){
    String b = intent.getStringExtra("fileName");
    if(b != null)
        Log.e(logTag, "File Name: "+b);

The file exists, its name is added properly to the intent, but for some reason it's not propagated to my receiver.

Any advice appreciated!

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The code above should work if the new File("Test").getName() returns a not null value.

Is the onReceive method called at all? I tried the code with the following <receiver> block in my manifest XML:

<receiver android:name=".TestReceiver">
           <action android:name="android.intent.action.SEND" />

And some static string instead of the getName method call and it worked.

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Thanks a lot for your help - I just realised I used the wrong intent-filter (one to filter my custom intents) because I was testing with different actions as well. –  Stefan Jul 18 '11 at 11:50

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