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So, I have a sidebar.php that is included in the index.php. Under a certain condition, I want sidebar.php to stop running, so I thought of putting exit in sidebar.php, but that actually exits all the code beneath it meaning everything beneath include('sidebar.php'); in index.php all the code would be skipped as well. Is there a way to have exit only skip the code in the sidebar.php?

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Just use return;

Do also be aware that it is possible to actually return something to a calling script in this way.

if your parent script has $somevar = include("myscript.php"); and then in myscript.php you do say... return true; you will get that value in $somevar

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Yes, you just use return;. Your sidebar.php file might look something like this:


if($certain_condition) {
} else {
    // Do your stuff here

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