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I have the following layout:

<Button android:id="@+id/MyButton"

And this in my Activity:

[Activity(Label = "LayoutTest", MainLauncher = true, Icon = "@drawable/icon")]
public class Activity1 : Activity
    protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)


    public void Foo(View v)
        Toast.MakeText(v.Context, "Bar", ToastLength.Long).Show();

When I debug this in the emulator the app crashes when I click MyButton with the following excerpt in the log:

E/AndroidRuntime(  507): FATAL EXCEPTION: main
E/AndroidRuntime(  507): java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not find a method    Foo(View) in the activity class helloworld.Activity1 for onClick handler on view class android.widget.Button with id 'MyButton'
E/AndroidRuntime(  507):    at android.view.View$1.onClick(
E/AndroidRuntime(  507):    at android.view.View.performClick(
E/AndroidRuntime(  507):    at android.view.View$
E/AndroidRuntime(  507):    at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
E/AndroidRuntime(  507):    at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
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MonoDroid does not support registering events in this way.

You need to hook up the events yourself in your activity's OnCreate.

Update: As an update, MonoDroid does now support this:

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Then what would be the point of the android:onClick attribute? –  Chris Hawkins Jul 17 '11 at 23:54
I see. Thanks. Would there be documentation on what MonoDroid doesn't support? –  Chris Hawkins Jul 18 '11 at 1:50
Voting up this response. Wish I had seen this info elsewhere before spending time on this. –  TonyG Sep 8 '12 at 22:44
As an update, MonoDroid does now support this:… –  jpobst Sep 9 '12 at 4:53
Nevermind, i figured it out: just throw an [Export] attribute above the onClick methods and make sure to add a reference to Mono.Android.Export in your project. –  Edgar Sep 14 '12 at 15:09

In addition to an [Export ("javamethodname")] attribute on the onClick methods and a reference to Mono.Android.Export, you also need

using Java.Interop;
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