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I'm testing my webapp using selenium webdriver, but the driver can't find my element, the element's style is set to display:none visible,and I'm using xpath to retrieve that element here is my xpath


Please advise.

Many thanks

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can you please add an html snippet of the area you're looking for. Plus, what driver you're using - i.e., HtmlUnit, Firefox, Chrome..? –  Guy Jul 18 '11 at 9:21

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the tbody looks suspicious to me. This is often implicitly inserted by some browsers. I don't know anyone who uses it in html.

Therefore, you could try an XPath without it:


If this doesn't help: Could you add an (X)HTML snippet?

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Remove that leading dot:

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Still failing, the By.XPath is giving me an empty string. The tr[3] element is invisible which is the style is in display:none. But I'm not use if that is that problem. –  domlao Jul 18 '11 at 1:21

Maybe, for debugging reasons (and maybe not only for that) you should split up your xpath. For example (in pseudo-python):

tables = driver.findElementsByXPath("//*[@id='box']/table")
if len(tables) == 0:

trs = tables[0].findElementsByXPath("/tr")
if len(trs) == 0:

tds = trs[3].findElementsByXPath("/td") # or maybe trs[2]
if len(tds) == 0:

td = tds[4] # or maybe tds[3]
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