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I have a question.

I think that Facebook C# GRAPH API only supports method that get most recently posts or messages.


JSONObject me = fbAPI.Get("/me/feed?access_token=" + this.app_access_token);

Is there any additional parameter to get the previous posts or messages?

If it's not possible, Is Other API ( PHP, Javascript ... ) supporting this?


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I'm not entirely familiar with the C# SDK, but if it follows the convention of other Graph API compatible SDKs you should be able to do this:

JSONObject me = fbAPI.Get("/me/feed?limit=25&since=1311007970&access_token=" + this.app_access_token)

The limit parameter will restrict the number of posts that are retrieved at once and the since parameter is a Unix timestamp that will allow you to query for posts further back in time. Check out the Paging section on this page for more information:

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