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I'm following the Microsoft guide for implementing federated identities. As it doesn't state where the code should be placed I created a file \App_Code\Auth.cs for it. when it's time to implement the FederationResult to my home controller I try to use the aforementioned namespace but VS complains of missing an assembly reference.

The weird thing is that the code in Auth.cs doesn't complain... I've looked in the References item of the project and don't see anything I can recognise, although I did "Add STS reference" to the project. I've also looked in NuGet but don't see anything I should add...

what's going on here?

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hmm... seems I just needed to add the reference manually. I don't know how come the assembly is available to some pieces of the code and not to others but it works!

One more thing, I needed to use Microsoft.IdentityModel.Web not .Claims

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