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I am working on sending a request to a web service and parsing the response. I have to use Spring 3 and Apache CXF. Using Maven's wsdl2java, I was able to generate request and response objects from the wsdl. These classes have been generated now and I see basically what appear to be annotated POJO's. I am unclear what the next step is to actually send the request to the web services. All I see is an ObjectFactory to create the initial web service.

What is the next step? Do I need to create a spring bean configuration file like this?

<jaxws:client id="XXXX"
              address="http://localhost:8080/xxxx />

Any assistance would be greatly appreciates as I am not sure how to send the actual request to the web or what my next step would be. Thanks

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If you want to look the webservice without using spring you can use the stubs generated & make a call to the service in a program with main. Something like..

If you want to use spring, see "Create a Client" section here


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There is a post here with an example of how to create a CXF Client and server and integrate it with Spring.

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