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I have completed a functional custom google map with javascript filtering. I am having a problem with the way my map is pulling information from my fustiontable. Some of the data in the fusiontable is rather long, so whenever someone clicks on a marker on the map to read its information, the information runs off the information box. Is there a way to integrate a "read more" system or something to solve this problem?

Here is the live code:

Custom GMAP

Fusion Table

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Why not just 'cut' the text if it's longer than certain length? Like this:

if(longString.length > 100){
  var shortenedString = longString.substring(0, 50) + "... <a href='#'>Read more</a>"; 

Then you can handle click on 'Read more' link to show whole text to the user.

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When applying this code to the webpage itself, there are no results. Would I need to some how add this to the fusiontable settings for displaying the popup boxes? Or could I be applying this code to my html sheet incorrectly? I appreciate the help. –  Noah Jul 18 '11 at 17:18
Obviously you need to replace 'longString' variable with string you get from your fusion table. Update your question with the code that fetches data from fusion table and creates popup, then I can take a look at that. –  igorti Jul 19 '11 at 8:19

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