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as the title above has said, is there any way to set default value of a preference from java code ?

if it is done from the xml side, it should be android:defaultValue.

But, how to do it from the java side ??

THX for help

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Unfortunately, the default value specified in the preferences XML only applies when using a PreferenceActivity and its UI. However, if you take a look at the SharedPreferences object, all of the get methods allow you to specify a default value to retrieve when the preference does not have a value yet. Now, you can combine both the preferences XML and Java default values using constants in the xml files.

For example, declare a <string> constant in a resource XML, then you can use it as the default value in the XML like so defaultValue="@string/myDefaultValue". Then, in your java code you can do:

        sharedPrefs.getString("stringPreference", getString(R.string.myDefaultValue));
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