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I'm trying to use the Facebook C# SDK from Codeplex on my WP7 app. I managed to build & run the application by manually adding Facebook.dll and Microsoft.Contracts.dll. But I only see a blank login(?) page :

enter image description here

The code enters FacebookLoginBrowser_Navigated, after loading this url :,read_notifications&client_id=119779898114420&redirect_uri=

but the URL seems to have been redirected to this one :

The important part is "User denied access", which I didn't, since I don't see anything except a blank page.

Thanks in advance !

edit: pasting the first url into an iPhone simulator, I see the Facebook login screen, then after login, I see the grant permission screen...

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I have updated the code of Facebook C# SDK wp7 sample, could you try downloading the latest source code and try it out. – prabir Aug 6 '11 at 22:30

your browser is not script enabled, try to set the flag at true :

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