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I'm using the Yahoo Finance Streaming API to get stock quotes, I wanted to save these into a DB table for historical reference.

I'm looking for something which can easily parse various strings which have a format that varies like the examples below:


I want to parse these strings to a MySQL database and I was thinking the easiest way will be using Java to do this parsing. Basically these entries are line by line in a text file. I want to extract the time, the stock code, the price and the change values in a simple table.

The table looks like StockCode | Date | Time | Price | ChangeDol | ChangePer

Are there any tools or frameworks which would make this process easy?


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I don't how you get your quote, but if you could use YQL, any XML parser would do:


<quote symbol="YHOO">
    <Change_PercentChange>0.00 - 0.00%</Change_PercentChange>

List of XML Parsers for Java

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You could have a look there!_finance

They get finencial data as csv from yahoo.

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