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In my jQuery application, I have created tabs using list items.

I want to get the previous list item of current list item by using jQuery.

if ($("#tabs li.current").length == 0 && $("#tabs li").length > 0) {

    $("#tabs li.current").prev().addClass("current"); // i tried like this...

But it does not work for me. Please help me.

Thank you. I tried this. It also doesn't work for me.

I want to find the previous one when the current one is removed. I think the current list item is removed when executing this line of code.

I tried using the list item id:

$("#tabs li").find("#" + tabName+"1").addClass("current"); 

This also does not work for me.

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Try this:

$("#tabs li.current").prev().andSelf().toggleClass("current");
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It looks like your problem is in the if statement, namely

if($("#tabs li.current").length == 0...

This says "if there are no <li> elements with the class current within the element with id tabs".

As a result, whenever you do execute $("#tabs li.current").prev().addClass("current");, no element is found, so .prev() has nothing for which to find a previous element.

If you want to do this when you remove the current tab, then add a check when a tab is removed to see if it hasClass('current'), and, if so, use .prev().addClass('current') before you remove it.

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