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I have a series of TextBlock Controls, like this:

<TextBox Name="tb1"/>
<TextBox Name="tb2"/>
<TextBox Name="tb3"/>
<TextBox Name="tb4"/>

And I have a list of values that I'd like to bind to those text boxes, say in a list:

List<String> texts = new List<String>();

Currently, what I have to do is manually set the values of the TextBoxes, like this:

tb1.Text = texts[0];
tb2.Text = texts[1];
tb3.Text = texts[2];
tb4.Text = texts[3];

Is it possible to do this in a loop somehow? Perhaps change the XAML to take in a list or programatically get the TextBoxes? Thanks a lot in advance.

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<ItemsControl Items="{Binding myValues}">
            <TextBox Text="{Binding}"></TextBox>

In your code behind declare a property:

public string myValues { get return new[] { "foo", "bar" }; }

and in the code behind constructor set this control to its datacontext:

this.DataContext = this;
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Hmmm, gives me "Exception: Two-way binding requires Path or XPath." –  acron Feb 5 '13 at 12:06

You can access indexed values in your binding - no loop required. Check this previous SO answer from Ivan Towlson. Ivan uses a string indexer in that example, but you can use a numeric one as well.

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