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I need to test the CRM 2011 and SharePoint document management performance. So I hooked up CRM and SharePoint together using Document list component.

And now I need to upload a document into SharePoint (not attachment) using CRM SDK.

Is there any solutions, or even a little piece of code which uploads a document into a SharePoint document list?


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What I do is:

Create the Sharepoint Document Location (related to the SP Site) with a relative url (via CRM SDK).

Turn the file into a byte array and then I feed that to my HTTP PUT method to get the file up to sharepoint:

private NetworkCredential loginCredentials = new NetworkCredential(login, password, domain);

WebClient wc = new WebClient();
wc.Credentials = loginCredentials;
wc.UploadData(destinationUrl, "PUT", fileData);

destinationUrl is where I want it to go (http:\\spite\accounts\RyanonRails\examplefile.txt), fileDate is a byte[]. Make sure the user you're using has Full Control (so it can upload).

This method works great when you receive a report from SSRS.

Sidenote: When I tried to use the actual sharepoint 2010 copy.asmx web service it failed to work cross domain.

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The resulting upload has 1 Kb of size though the real file about 1 Mb –  sultan Jul 19 '11 at 5:24
I used File.ReadAllBytes(uploadfile); to read file contents and it worked –  sultan Jul 19 '11 at 9:35
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