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Is there a web application for testing post requests? What I imagine it'd be like is you would visit the site and then it would redirect you to a unique URL. You could then send a post request to the URL which would display the request after it was received.

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why wouldn't you just log the request and watch the log books with e.g. cat ./foo.log? – fncomp Jul 29 '11 at 3:19

Alternative from Microsoft: WFetch

POST request instruction

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This looks like it would be more along the lines of what you're looking for:


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Rest Client is a Firefox Add On that I have used in the past as an Http Post/Get testing tool.

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The "net" tab in the Firebug plugin for Firefox will show you the contents of all requests including POSTs. You can also intercept and modify them with TamperData.

Fiddler will do the same for Internet Explorer and other windows programs. Wireshark will also show this information.

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There are multiple approaches. If you want to do automated browser-based testing, you could use Selenium/Java or Windmill/Python. Alternatively, if you want to perform white-box testing, you can write scripts that make a http post request to the web application (e.g. using httplib if you are using Python), obtains the response and verifies that the response is as expected.

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RequestBin allows you to create a temporary URL and view the last twenty requests.

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With PutsReq you can test requests and simulate responses using JavaScript.

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