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How to include custom javascript file to amazon webstore?

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To include a custom js file in Amazon Webstore you: 1.From the homescreen click the customize url button 2.Select "use your own domain name" * Even if you dont plan to use your own you still must choose this. 3.In the custom url field it should say either or, change your domain name to Where example is whatever your store would be named 4. check the confirm button and submit. 5. Go to "store design" "file library" from the dropdown and upload your js file to the appropriate folder.

Noe this file will appear with a red "x" over the top of it - this simply means you cannot use this file on any checkout or processing pages so amazon can ensure the integrity and security of the sales.

6.Next you will want to go to "store design" "merchandizing and layout" "properties" in the upper left corner 8.Choose "css and js" and select and the file so you custom js is loaded with all the other amazon required files.

That should be all you need. I just recently figured this out so post if you have any more questions.

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youtube video :… – Nafis Ahmad May 24 '14 at 2:39

Go to one of the main template pages under "Merchandising & Layout" click Properties on the top right and upload a js file to be included.

You can also place inline script tags within the widgets.

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You can insert a script in the page with greasemonkey script, or userscript in the userscript folder in Chrome/Opera.

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This doesn't include the js file into the site, just provides a local change – TinyTimZamboni Dec 31 '12 at 3:29

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