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Ok here is my problem. I have a view that loads another view as subView when the device rotates. This is working perfectly. Now my problem is that I have a PickerView on each orientation's view that has outlets assigned to them, the why I implemented is as was suggested here: Two views Multiple UIPickerViews Single outlet The problem I am having is that when I populate my PickerViews the data is not being pulled through.

if(pickerView == pickerType) {
    return [myHelper.types objectAtIndex:row];
}else if(pickerView == pickerTown){
    return [myHelper.towns objectAtIndex:row]; 
    return @"";

As I understand that when I do this code:

- (UIPickerView *) pickerTown
        return self.landscapePickerTown;
        return self.portraitPickerTown;

I will be able to access the picker on the correct view. But for some reason it is not working, I might be doing some thing wrong. Please help.

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check your connections with the file's owner are made or not and also the delegates of uipickerview. –  Robin Jul 18 '11 at 6:48
@robin Ok my connections are made, I have checked that. It might be the following though, pickerFrom is a wrapper for portraitPickerFrom and landscapePickerFrom but there is no outlets assigned to it. I believe this is correct as when I access pickerFrom it needs to return the outlet of the current view. –  Armand Jul 18 '11 at 6:52

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It might not be the best approach but when adding data do the following

if(pickerView == landscapePickerType || pickerView == portraitPickerType) {
    return [myHelper.types count];   
}else if(pickerView == landscapePickerTown || pickerView == portraitPickerTown){
    return [myHelper.towns count];
    return 0;


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