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I use :


to get the unformatted price that I can calculate "quantity X price" with ajax.

I want to reformat the total in the current locale and currency. How can I do that?

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I think Google could have answered your question ;-) See http://blog.chapagain.com.np/magento-format-price/.

You can do it with

$formattedPrice = Mage::helper('core')->currency($finalPrice, true, false);
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Thanks a lot bro !! –  LuFFy May 28 at 20:28
Thanks a lot. I was looking for this :) –  Sukeshini Oct 10 at 9:52
$formattedPrice = Mage::helper('core')->currency($_finalPrice,true,false);
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By this code for formating price in product list

echo Mage::helper('core')->currency($_product->getPrice());
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try this:

<?php echo Mage::app()->getLocale()->currency(Mage::app()->getStore()->getCurrentCurrencyCode())->getSymbol(); ?>
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This code don't show the price in current locale –  Bizboss Jul 18 '11 at 8:52

Unformatted and formatted:

$price = $product->getPrice();
$formatted = Mage::helper('core')->currency($price, true, false);

Or use:

Mage::helper('core')->formatPrice($price, true);
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