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In AS3 I would like to set the key of a shared object with the contents of a string as opposed to specifically naming the key.

so.data.test = "andy"   // this is the basic working system 

I do not want to write test I want something like this

// this is a non working and incorrect solution but shows what I am trying to do.
String myKey = "test"
so.data.{myKey} = "andy" 

Is this an impossible ask?

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Untested, but you could try:

var myKey:String = "test";
so.data[myKey] = "andy";
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+1 I deleted my answer because you slipped in yours before I had time to finish it, also you did var myKey:String = "test"; which I left out. –  Taurayi Jul 18 '11 at 8:34

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