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We have a situation where we would like to be able to create a zip file containing as much information as possible about a currently running Java program (which may be on its way down) to allow for post-mortem forensic analysis. We currently deploy to Java 5 but Java 6 features are interesting too.

So far I've thought of:

  • A programmatically generated thread dump. This appears to work better in Java 6.
  • The logged log events for the last X minutes. We currently use logback or java.util.logging.
  • Some serialized objects.
  • External environment - all system properties.

What else would be useful of JVM information?

Would it be possible in a generic way to walk the call stacks and see the arguments? (or does this require JVMTI or equivalent). It is a IBM JVM so we cannot use jvisualvm and the Attach API.

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FYI: You can use VisualVM with explicit JXM connection. See for example 3rdstage.blogspot.com/2010/12/using-visualvm-with-ibm-jdk.html for more details. – Tomas Hurka Jul 20 '11 at 6:52

You could go all the way and capture a full heap dump? I realize you are on an IBM JVM, but this page seems to indicate there is a way.

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