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I have one bat file on windows7, for backup several tables from my database, like this:

"c:\Gesticom\mysql\bin\mysqldump.exe" -uuser -ppsswd bbdddc [clientes, usuarios, proyectos, proveedores, areas_negocio, costes] --opt > tmp.sql

When I execute this bat I have seen that the code is changed for something like this:

"c:\Gesticom\mysql\bin\mysqldump.exe" -uuser -ppsswd bbdddc [clientes, usuarios, proyectos, proveedores, areas_negocio, costes] --opt 1>tmp.sql

Someone knows why appears this number "1"? With it the mysqldump command doesn't work :(

Thank you!

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That is just a canonical representation of the command for cmd. It doesn't affect anything that is executed and, in fact, is identical to the command you provided.

It merely says that stream 1 (stdout) is redirected into tmp.sql. If your dump does not work, then it wouldn't have worked before, either.

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Hi Joey! But if I execute the dump code on windows terminal it works perfect... –  Fran Hurtado Jul 18 '11 at 10:01
In that case, are you using characters that need to be treated differently in batch files, such as % somewhere? –  Joey Jul 18 '11 at 10:05
Oh! The problem is on the "[]" I have erased them and the script works like a charm –  Fran Hurtado Jul 18 '11 at 10:05

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