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I'm very new to jQuery and just started trying nyroModal tonight. Trying to create some simple popups. I'm working with a popup on page load at the moment. The code I'm trying:

$.nmManual('message.html', modal: true);

But that doesn't work at all. If I take out , modal: true it works, but you can just click to get rid of the window. I also tried modal='true' to no avail.

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The options for nmManual need to be inside curly brackets {}.

Your code should look like: $.nmManual('message.html', {modal: true});

I've just tested this in jsFiddle with modal: false and this seems to work fine. Setting it to true doesn't work but my guess is that this is a restriction of jsfiddle:

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worked like a charm. thank you so much! – Dave Jul 18 '11 at 9:44

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