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This one is Original.

static void build_preprocess_command(int e_flag)


ivlpp_main(argc, argv);

snprintf(tmp, sizeof tmp, "%s%civlpp %s%s -F\"%s\" -f\"%s\" -p\"%s\" ",
       pbase, sep, verbose_flag?" -v":"",
       e_flag?"":" -L", defines_path, source_path,


This is my code

static void build_preprocess_command_and_run(int e_flag) {

char **myargv;

int argc, arg;

myargc = 7;

myargv = new char(myargc);

arg = 0;

myargv[arg] = new char (strlen(pbase) + strlen("ivlpp") + strlen(sep) + 2);

       sprintf(argv[arg], strlen(pbase) + 2,"s%s%ccivlpp", pbase, sep);

myargv[arg++] = new char (strlen(defines_path) + strlen("-F\”%s\”"));

myargv[arg++] = new char (strlen(defines_path) + strlen("-f\”%s\”"));

myargv[arg++] = new char (strlen(defines_path) + strlen("-f\”%s\”"));

myargv[arg++] = new char (strlen("-p\”%s\”"));

myargv[arg++] = new char (strlen("-v"));

myargv[arg++] = new char (strlen("-L"));

if (verbose_flag) {

 //argv[arg++] = "-v";



if (!e_flag) {

 //argv[arg++] = "-L";



snprintf( "-F\"%s\"", defines_path);

snprintf( "-f\"%s\"", source_path);

snprintf( "-f\"%s\"", compiled_defines_path);

ivlpp_main(argc, argv);


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This has nothing to do with Qt. – Frank Osterfeld Jul 18 '11 at 9:39

No. First code is wrong. Second doesn't compile. sprintf has more arguments than the single one you're using. my code on your last question works (this is like a duplicate).

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