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I'm stuck with a little problem with MediaElement.js player.

To get the instance of the player, I do this (works with html5 compatible browser):

    // Get player
this.playerId = $('div#shotlist-player video').attr('id');
this.player = window[this.playerId];

But it's not working as soon as it fallback in flash. In fact, it's not working because I'm not calling an instance of MediaElement itself. But I don't see how I can call it.

The player is created with


How can I get the mediaelement object?


Ok I finally found how to make it works:

    // Get player
mePlayer = $('div#shotlist-player video.video-js')[0];
this.player = new MediaElementPlayer(mePlayer);

Now I can user mediaElement instance correctly.

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You can get the player in a much nicer way: this.player = $('div#shotlist-player video')[0]; - actually, I think window[id] only works in IE (and there it's one of the most stupid and annoying misfeatures ever) –  ThiefMaster Jul 18 '11 at 9:34
Thanks for your comment, but actually, I'm still not selecting mediaelement instance, but the <video> player directly, which is not what I need (I need to be able to control the flash player too). –  pvledoux Jul 18 '11 at 9:55

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var player = $('video').mediaelementplayer({                
    success: function (me) {
// then you can use player.id to return the id
// or player.play();
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This post is a lot of speculation, but may be correct. Docs are lacking (;

The answer by sidonaldson is perfectly acceptable if you wish to create a new MediaElement instance and get a handle on it. If there's one already present, it seems to try to reinitialize another instance on that element and freaks out.

I am pretty sure mediaelement.js augments the builtin HTML5 controls by providing a JavaScript API to manipulate Flash/Silverlight players via those elements. I may be wrong, but other advice I've seen on this issue in multiple places is to do something like:

$playButton.click(function() {
    $('video, audio').each(function() {

To create a play button as an external DOM element which will fire off all players on the page. This indicates to me that the implementation is something like I've described.

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