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I am using Eclipse IDE for Android deve & trying to install Nook SDK 1.2 Android Add-On. I referring to this link -

But when I try to add the available package I am getting this message

Failed to fetch URL, reason: File not found XML verification failed for Error: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'sdk:sdk-addon'.

and it shows Validate XML on the top and the process gets stuck at that point

What to do ? please help !

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The url for downloading Nook SDK 1.2 Android Add-On has changed.

Try new one:

I suggest to remove old URLs to outdated B&N repositories. Using updated URL you can download new addon version - Barnes and Noble, Inc., Android API 8, revision 1 (currently)

Additionally, you can register developer account on and keep your eye on consequence changes.

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