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On BlackBerry I want to display an "Add contact" dialog with some fields populated.

I supposed the following code would work:

    BlackBerryContact contact = (BlackBerryContact) mContactList.createContact();
    populateSomeFields (contact);
    AddressBookArguments args = new AddressBookArguments(
            AddressBookArguments.ARG_NEW, contact);
    Invoke.invokeApplication(Invoke.APP_TYPE_ADDRESSBOOK, args);

but no way.

If I Invoke with ARG_NEW a completely EMPTY fields are displayed. If I Invoke with ARG_COMPOSE an IllegalArgumentException is thrown.

Is there any way I can display "Add contact" with some fields filled in?

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Well, there is no way to do just I want. But there is a nice crutch: commit contact (i.e. add it to phonebook) and then call Invoke with ARG_VIEW.

After that, user can press "edit" or "delete" from the menu.

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