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I have a project that shares models with my android project. I have a separate eclipse project just for models and other shared code. I add this to my play project as a dependency in eclipse.

In eclipse, play compiles and starts without problem. However, I went to deploy to GAE and found that the compilation stage of play's packaging fails because it can't find the models.

I suspect I could hack the ant build files, but that seems brittle.

Is there a standard way to add extra directories to the play compilation source tree or the classpath?

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Make a jar-file with your classes and put it in /lib. That's where I put my libraries.

Files in the application /lib folder is automatically added to the class path by Play Framework. See Classpath settings

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Thanks Jonas. I was hoping to not have to build a jar every time I wanted to build play's war. I'd have to wrap play's upload into another script which builds the jar. I guess that's not a problem, I was just hoping there was a nice quick solution. –  Net Wolf Jul 18 '11 at 10:48
Does having the jar in /lib interfere with eclipse? I'd have to make sure that the jar was not there when I eclipsify, otherwise eclipse might use this jar rather than the models from my other project. –  Net Wolf Jul 18 '11 at 10:49

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