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I want to store some data like name and class of different students in form of SQLite database. I want to develop an application which uses this data not fill it. I mean application should not fill it. My application will use this data to make a report. This database should be bundled with my android app

So how to create this database on android? How to bundle this database with the app on android? I mean my file should be an apk but when installed it should have this database also

Please kindly give your advice

Yours Sincerely, ChinniKrishna Kothapalli.

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Basically, you need to do that :

1) Create a file containing your SQLite database into your assets folder

2) When you want to access your database, check if /data/data/yourpackage/databases/yourdatabase.db exists

3) If it doesn't exist, copy it from your assets to /data/data/yourpackage/databases/yourdatabase.db

4) Call SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase (it takes a path in parameters)

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