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I am really new in android programming. My question is how does RatingBar actually work? I want to make an app which contain RatingBars on it, and whenever the user rate it like 4 stars, I want the other user of my app too see it. How can I accomplish this? Please help me, I would really appreciate it a lot.

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For doing this you need a server. When user1 rates with score of 4, then your application posts the score (HTTP POST) to your server (on database or a text file). When user2 starts your application, you request (HTTP REQUEST) your score from server (if there is any).

Reference: Rating bar example, HTTP POST example on Android, HTTP request example

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RatingBar is just an UI widget which let's you put a 1-5 star, click it and return a value for the star selected.

You have to implement by yourself all the logic of the voting system.

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