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let's say that i have this button which is called "Click_Here" and i added an event listener to it in some class file in order for it to run the event handler in a different one .. so it will be like this


Click_Here.addEventListner(MouseEvent.CLICK , buttonClicked ) ;


public function buttonClicked (e:MouseEvent){ trace ("hello");}

is that possible .. ?

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Yes. Consider the class:

public class MyClass
    public function MyClass()

    public static function staticListener(evt:MouseEvent):void {

    public function instanceListener(evt:MouseEvent):void {

Now do this:

Click_Here.addEventListner(ouseEvent.CLICK , MyClass.staticListener);


var obj:MyClass = new MyClass();
Click_Here.addEventListner(ouseEvent.CLICK , obj.instanceListener);
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yes, that's possible:

Click_Here.addEventListner(MouseEvent.CLICK , instanceOfClass2.buttonClicked ) ;
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o'reilly essential actionscript 3.0. book.

That will give you clear clarity.

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