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I would like the content of our site to be structured like this:


I understand using Taxonomy to setup the Vocabulary and the Terms and categorising the content into this structure.

I would like to use Panels as I am familiar with using it to customise page layout. Ive looked at creating a View, with Taxonomy term as an argument, which seems to work for a single term, but I can seem to get it working on the hierachial path as above ie fruits/apples/red

Ive create a content pane in the View and have created the context in Panels but just cant get it working

Is this something I can achieve with Taxonomy/Pathauto alone with Panels or how can I achieve this?

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There's a detailed guide on doing this, but it doesn't use panels. You can probably implement it for panels. You should just follow the guide, first, though. Then try to apply it:


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