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We're using an F5 BIG-IP device to terminate SSL connections and connecting by plain HTTP to the application server with an spring enabled application. Also we configured F5 to send an X-Forwarded-Proto header with http or https as value.

Now we'd like to enforce HTTPS by configuring an intercept url:

<security:intercept-url pattern="/login.action" requires-channel="https" />

But this only works if the protocol scheme in the servlet containter is HTTPS, so we need to interpret the HTTP header.

Any idea how to do this?

Thanks Simon

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Subclass SecureChannelProcessor and InsecureChannelProcessor overriding decide(). You'll need to copy and paste some code, for example for Secure:

    public void decide(FilterInvocation invocation, Collection<ConfigAttribute> config) throws IOException, ServletException {
      Assert.isTrue((invocation != null) && (config != null), 
                       "Nulls cannot be provided");

      for (ConfigAttribute attribute : config) {
          if (supports(attribute)) {
              if (invocation.getHttpRequest().
                      getHeader("X-Forwarded-Proto").equals("http")) {

Then set these ChannelProcessors on the ChannelDecisionManagerImpl bean using a BeanPostProcessor.

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