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i have done drag and drop using with jquery. here i have issue that need to place the drag content(teacher1) into specific area.


$(document).ready(function() {  

    //var a ='1';
    helper: 'clone', 
    cursor: 'hand', 
    revert: true,
    drag: function(ev, ui) {    
        dragId = $(this).attr('id');        
/*      if (dragId==1) {
            dragClass = "drop1";
*/     /*else {
        accept: ".list",
        activeClass: 'drop-active',
        hoverClass: 'dropareahover',
        drop: function(ev, ui){
        //var dropDragId = ui.draggable.attr('id');
        var targetId = $(this).attr("id");
        $("#" + targetId).each(function() {         
    destroy: function(ev, ui) {


<div class="draggable">
<li class="list" id="1">Teacher1</li>
<li class="list" id="2">Teacher2</li>
<li class="list" id="3">Teacher3</li>
<li class="list" id="4">Teacher4</li>
<div class="drop">
<table class="tble">
    <td id="td1" class="drop1 br">Vocational</td>
    <td id="td2" class="drop br">English<br /></td>
    <td id="td3" class="drop1 br">Mathematics<br /></td>
    <td id="td4" class="drop br">French<br /></td>
    <td id="td1a" class="drop br">Hindi</td>
    <td id="td2a" class="drop br">Science<br /></td>
    <td id="td3a" class="drop br">PTE<br /></td>
    <td id="td4a" class="drop br">Social Science<br /></td>


<style type="text/css">
.draggable {
  border:solid 1px #ccc;
.dropareahover {
.drop-active {
 background: #ffff99;

.draggable ul {
.draggable ul li {
.drop {
margin:10px 0px 0px 0px;
border:solid 1px #ccc;
.drop1 {
border:solid 1px #CCCCCC;
.drop ul {
.drop ul li {
.tble td{text-align:center;}

i need to place the drag content(teacher1) and drop into vocational and hindi, but not in mathematics. Again drag the teacher2 content and drop into english, but not other cell.

i have done somework. but i can't able place the teacher2 into specific area. please help me out.

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I've created a Fiddle for you, makes it much easier to test this sorts of questions. – Russ Clarke Jul 18 '11 at 12:21
Thank for created fiddle for me...:-)) – Mr.T.K Jul 18 '11 at 12:26
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As far as I understand you need to create a different drop area for each filter

with you can create 4 drop areas and each one accept a special class.

hindu accepts only those with ".hindu"

PTE accepts only those with ".PTE"

I hope this helps

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yes, you are right, i mentioned only 4 teachers, but teachers added more in the sense, i have to write same way or is there any other way to simplify – Mr.T.K Jul 18 '11 at 12:49
Let's say all your drop areas have the same class '.drop' and each one of them has a special one like '.PTEdrop' or '.hinduDrop' you can set all the drop properties they have in common and then do something like: code$( ".hindu" ).droppable( "option", "accept", '.hindu' ); for each of the drop areas. (that's as simple as it gets :) ) – Lord Otori Jul 18 '11 at 13:07

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