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i want to upload a gif file in my application using selenium codes in firefox, i have the following file input type:

<input id="file" type="file" size="27" value="Attach document" onclick="javascript:return     processAttachment();" name="file">

i have tried this code:


but its is not working, instead a file upload window is opening, can any one help me getting out of it.please

thank you

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The answer is in the html you provided; the onclick event in the element causes some javascript to open the file upload window, and your code is clicking on the element causing the onclick event. –  Anders Sep 21 '11 at 15:16

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With this line driver.findElementByName("file").click(); you are "trying" to click the field , where you typed the text.It should be driver.findElementByName("NAME OF THE SUBMIT BUTTON").click();

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